Andro Penis Extender Review 2019

What Is The Foundation Behind Andro Penis Extender?

It is based in the medical principle of traction, that when executed in a controlled, gradual and progressive Manner on the penis, it will stimulate the growth of the suspensory ligament, corpus cavernosum, and the rest of the penile tissues.

Has The Andro Penis Extender Of Traction Been Used In Medicine Before?

Yes. In modern medicine this principle of traction is used to create new tissue for skin grafts, for the elongation of bones and to create new skin with hair to cover bald areas. Also this principle has been used in ancient cultures to create long necks like in the Giraffe women of Birmania and to create longer lips in certain African tribes.

But, Can The Penile Tissues Grow? Is The Penis Made Of Bone Or Muscles?

The penis is a conglomerate of elastic tissues and is devoid of muscles and bones making it easier for this tissue to respond and grow when placed in traction.

What Is The Maximum Growth In Centimeters That I Can Obtain?

It all depends on the individual, approximately 4 centimeters. One inch equals 2.5cm

What Is The Minimum Growth That Can Be Obtained?

The minimum growth is of 1.5 cm. The average growth is 3 cm, based on 95% of the patients.

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Where Can I Buy Andro Penis Extender ?

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Andro Penis Extender Testimonials

Frank N., Los Angeles – USA
Being 56 years old and single, I thought I was not attractive nor I was desired by any women. Now everything is different, I have enlarged my penis. Before I had a regular sized penis and now I have an XL penis. I see younger men than me in the gym who look at me wishing they had such a penis, and this, at my age, makes me feel good. I have a more intense sexual life now and I realize I give more pleasure to my sexual partners.

Joao N.F.; Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
I had always had the penis a bit curved to the right, but after I became 20 the curvature eventually grew bigger. Not only I disliked the shape of my penis but also noticed a different behavior from my partner when we had sex. Maybe she did not feel attracted to me any longer or had fear of feeling pain when penetrated. Thanks to Andromedical’™s doctors I have used the device they sell and the curvature has almost disappeared. I am happy since I do not feel pain when getting an erection any longer. I have always been put aback when thinking about penis surgery, besides I knew that if I would be operated I would lose length in my penis. Now I am 32 years old and thanks to the Andro Penis Extender and without surgery my penis is now straight and bigger and has gained about 1 cm in girth. I am very satisfied.

Andrew S., Miami – USA
I am 27 years old. I practice sports every day, and take care of my look. I have to accept that I like people to look at me and to feel admired when I go to the beach or the swimming-pool. I knew there was just a part of my body that did not match with the rest: the penis. Now thanks to Andromedical’™s stretcher I have a large penis. I am very satisfied.

Giovanni V.; Milan – Italia
I am 46 years old, married and have always led a tranquil life. 2 years ago my wife and me went through a crisis in our relationship, due to monotony. This made me think again about my life as a husband. I realized how important is to share your sexual fantasies with your wife, to improve our sexual life. She confessed she felt really excited when thinking of a man with a large penis. A few months after and by chance I happened to find this website. I talked to my doctor and he was quite positive about the results I could obtain with the treatment so I decided to go for it. So far I have obtained 3 cms, and I noticed it has increased in girth. My wife is really surprised with the progression and we find whatever excuse to try the results like two teenagers.

*The testimonials shown above are based on actual letters we received from our satisfied customers that read this page of review and bought Andro Penis Extender.