Phallosan Forte Customer Feedback

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Phallosan Customer Feedback

This is a great product and would probably be even better used with another penis extender. It works pretty well on its own but i can see how it could work better. If you are buying one product on its own this is very discreet and easy to wear but after using this i half wish i had the money for another extender, maybe the X4 which is cheap enough that i can afford it next month. I give this 90 form 100.

Mark from Walsall

For people saying you need to use this alongside another penis extender i have to say you’re wrong. I have used this on it’s own for 3 months now and gained well over an inch, closer to 1.25. I have used this when i have time and overnight which i think is what has helped so much. Perhaps with another extender i may have gained a bit more but i’m in no rush. If it takes me another 6 months to get as big as i want then thats what it takes. I give this 97 from 100 because it works well on its own and maybe even better with another.

Dean from Magor

I got this as a standalone penis extender though most on here say it works best with another proper extender. I just don’t have the time through the day so needed something i could wear overnight and this luckily is comfortable enough to wear all through the night without waking you. I do half an hour of penis exercises before bed, put this on and wake up in the morning to take it off. So far gains have been good, about 3/4 of an inch in just over a month and even though that is slower than some others on here i know i will be able to wear this for months without times being a problem. Easily worth the money so 98 from 100 for me.

Dave from Newcastle

Ultimate Extender Feedback

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Ultimate Extender Feedback

Bought this after reading the review on this site and should have read further. Wish this feedback page was around then as i wouldn’t have bought it. If im honest i got it because it was the cheapest one but the noose just gets so painful after an hour. The X4 and Size G seems a lot better with the strap and as luck would have it the X4 is now cheaper than this thing. My advice is to get one of the others. I would give this 70 out of 100, perhaps it would work if you can keep it on long enough but i just cant.

Bill from Manchester

SizeGenetics Customer Feedback

This page will have the feedback from customers who have bought and are using the Size Genetics penis extender. This information may help you choose which penis extender to buy but we also suggest you check out the feedback pages for the other extenders.

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SizeGenetics Feedback

So glad i bought this one. Was a tough decision between the Size G and the X4 Labs but after reading up throught the net i decided to try the Size Genetics. I found a lot more sites saying how good this one works compared to the X4 Labs and after 3 months i can say that it works well for me too. Ive gained over an inch already, it may not sound like much but if i gain another inch in 3 months i’ll be where i want to be. I give this a good 99 from 100.

Steve from Liverpool

All i can say about this is that i am gutted it took me till the age of 33 to find it. If i had been using this when i was 18 it could have helped me out no end. I was always shy, in showers etc as i was never as big as the guys there but this has helped me gain so much i feel i would put some of them to shame. I know its only been a few months and most people are interested in erect length but the gains when soft interested me as well. I’ve got more than i expected so i give Size Genetics 97 from 100

Ellis form Glos

After 3 months i can confirm for definite that Size Genetics works for me. I have measured weekly instead of waiting a full month with some positives and negatives. The thing is when you first start you can gain half a cm in a week but the following week 2mm seems bad. The thing is after chatting on a forum someone told me that 2mm every week means that in a year that would be 10cm or 4 inches. He did warn me that gains would slow down after a while but i can still dream of getting to the 11 inches that would take me to. I am pretty sure that would be too big and would stop before that but nice to know it is possible. Unlike me it is better if you have patience and measure monthly, it is better to see a 15mm increase as opposed to between 2 and 5mm a week. Worth 98 from 100 any day.

Phil from St Ives

What surprised me most about Size Genetics was how comfortable it is to wear. I had used an old string noose type extender years ago and decided to try again. I only bought this because i was impressed with the strap design and am so glad i did. I’ve gained almost 2 inches and could easily gain more if i needed to. You have to keep upping the time you wear it but as i work at home it’s easy enough for me. Comfortable, discreet and even though it’s not advised can be worn overnight if you don’t mind going against what people advise you. 99 from 100.

Daniel in Cornwall

I bought Size Genetics as a last resort having tried pills and a penis pump. I truly needed the gains though unlike some on here. At just over 4 inches sex was near impossible, some positions anyway but i can now say i’m nearly 6 inches in less than 6 months. That may not seem a lot to some people but to me it’s near enough a miracle. I’m now a lot more comfortable going to bed with women than i ever was before. A well deserved 100 of 100 and one of the only things i know that works.

Anon, London

X4 Labs Feedback

On here you will find X4 Labs customer feedback for what is in our opinion one of the best penis extenders on the market today.  Please check the other penis extender feedback pages to find out what customers of those think before deciding which to buy.

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X4 Labs cutomer feedback

I have had this for 3 months now and gained more than i thought i ever would. At 1.5 inches i’m only half inch below what they said i would gain in 6 months and at this rate i will have gained a total of 3 inches in that time. Since i started at 6 inches being 7.5 inches now is amazing and the difference is very easy to see. If i get to 9 inches i can see the mrs kicking me out lol. I cant see anything being better than this but just in case i gave this 99 from 100.

Jason from Oxford

I bought this because i had a penis that was just over 5 inches, barely just over. After nearly 4 months i am now a little over 7 inches and the girth has increased too. I never measured that before though because i was mainly interested in length. My wife is happy as i am but i would like to get to 8 inches so i will use it for a little longer. I had planned on 6 months anyway. The X4 is brilliant for people that want a bigger penis so i gave it 97.

Billy from Hampshire

I’ve said all along that once they make a penis extender that can be worn overnight they will sell like hot cakes and these can be worn overnight. I’ve done penis enlargement for about 4 years on and off, usually off because i didn’t have the time but the X4 Labs has helped me to stick to it for 3 months now.

I have gained in the past, maybe an inch or so then given up and lost a bit but with this it is so easy, comfortable and non time consuming. I wear this every night now with a break on Saturdays where i’ve usually had a drink. The gains are amazing and i know i can keep this going. 100 from 100, excellent product at an excellent price.

Ellis from London