Important Announcement Due to lack of funds, we are not accepting any new proposals for an unknown period. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. The selection committee will review all submissions that are received before the deadline and technically disqualify the proposals which do not comply with the Technical Evaluation Criteria.

  2. The technically qualified proposals will be assessed by a 3-person jury according to the Summary Proposal Evaluation Criteria.

  3. Fifty (50) most successful project applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. Requirements of the full proposals will be sent within this invitations.

  4. The full proposals will be assessed by a 3-person jury according to the Full Proposal Evaluation Criteria.

  5. Fifteen (15) most successful project applicants will be invited for an interview before the award ceremony. All travel and accommodation expenses associated with this interview will be covered by JWF. The date and location of the interviews and award ceremony will be announced later on the Peace Projects website.

  6. Ten (10) grantees of the Peace Projects will be announced at the award ceremony and the grantees will receive first installment of their funds at the award ceremony.

  7. Upon completion of the projects, an expert jury will evaluate effective implementation, quality of the deliverables, and management of the programs. Grantees are also expected to present their projects to the jury before the award ceremony. The most successfully managed and implemented projects will receive aforementioned best implementation cash awards.

Quotes, Facts, and Testimonials

Isn't that great that so many people are thinking about actively bringing peace into 107 countries! My only hope is that it would truly be project for changing people's minds and lives towards bringing peace into our daily circumstances whether it is family, friends, colleagues, towns, countries, world...

Angela Starovoytova