MAX penis extender review 2019

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MAXTENDER is definitely one of the most effective and, which is also very significant, one of the safest penis enlargement devices of our times! It’s main component, the Extender, is an extremely easy-to-use device designed to fit every man. With MAXTENDER you won’t run no risks – it will safely elongate your unit to its maximum capacity in as short time as you can only imagine!

Sure, at first the positive tension created by the Extender may feel a little bit strange at first. However, you will easily get used to it pretty soon and will be able to increase the tension level on and on thus making your penis grow larger and larger! The key to the process of penile growth is pretty simple – it’s the gradual tension over an extended period of time. Thus, the more often you use MAXTENDER – the better for you! Basically, doctors recommend to use MAXTENDER for at least 2 hours a day in order to acquire significant results. Another pleasant peculiarity of our penis enlargement product is that the Extender cylinder can easily be adjusted according to the size of your unit – just fix it anywhere between 4 and 10 inches and start the workout!

What is the effect of MAXTENDER based on? How to use it?

Just insert your penis into the Extender cylinder, secure the head and adjust the tension level according to your preference. The key to the process of penile growth is the gradual tension over an extended period of time. 90% of men using MAXTENDER notice the significant increase in size within the first two weeks! Best final results achieved are evaluated at over 2 inches of permanent penile growth!

Where does MAXTENDER come from?
The origins and development

Method similar to that used in MAXTENDER was first recorded many centuries ago. The Thai people of Padaung Clan (also known as “Karen Hilltribe”) used it to elongate their necks. Women of that tribe wear solid metal rings on their necks adding a new one every once in a while, which causes constant tension resulting in a significant elongation of their jugular vertebrae and neck muscles. The method used in MAXTENDER is pretty similar – the positioning pins located on the sides of the Extender cylinder are used to set the degree of tension that you are comfortable with and gradually increase it with time.


Medical researches carried out by different specialists from different countries of the world have shown that steady tension on the penile body can result in the lengthening of it by several inches. Similar techniques have been used by male representatives of various African tribes for centuries. Numerous expeditions to those regions have recorded the unusually large size of men’s penises typical of their inhabitants. Thus, we can claim that the method of penis enlargement used in MAXTENDER has successfully passed the test of time and safety. Sure, MAXTENDER is much more easy-to-use and effective than those primitive tools used by African tribes – but it’s only a plus, isn’t it?


MAXTENDER is a custom-molded cylindrical plastic device that has been designed to allow you increase the size of your penile body due to gradually increased tension imposed on it. It’s really easy to use MAXTENDER – simply insert your penis into the Extender cylinder and adjust the degree of tension to your level of comfort. As soon as you get used to a certain level of tension, you can increase it, thus making your penile body get longer and longer. Maximum results reported by MAXTENDER users are said to be equal to as much as 3 inches!


The key to maximum effect is persistence. You need to use MAXTENDER for an extended period of time (at least several months) to acquire maximum possible results. A large number of our customers report the gain of about 2 inches and higher. Simple arithmetic: an average penis is about 6 inches long, so a 2-inch gain will be able to put you well above average. Even if you gain less than 2 inches – 1/2 inch or an inch, that will still feel much better, won’t it? All you have to do is stick to the medical recommendations and be persistent!


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Jason K.
It took me a while to believe that MAXTENDER really does work – and it took me even longer to decide to try it. Well, now I regret wasting so much time! I’m using your device for 6 months already – I’ve gained about an inch and I’m looking forward to getting even better results!

Steven J.
I had been totally dissatisfied with the size of my unit before I tried MAXTENDER. Man, I had always locked myself in the cubicle of the men’s room to take a leak – and now I’m never too shy to use the urinal, you know what I’m talking about. 😉

Tiffany R.
I don’t regret giving this device to my husband as a present on the 3rd anniversary of our marriage. It’s getting close to the 4th one already – and it feels like I’m making love with a totally different man who is much more confident and skillful and has a much bigger penis. Boy, it feels great!

Josh S.
I’ve gained 3 extra inches in length during the last 7 months that I’ve been using MAXTENDER! Anybody willing to try and outdo my achievement? 🙂

Antoine L. 
It’s been 2 months since I started using MAXTENDER – and my buddy is already about an inch bigger than it used to be! Believe it or not – but it’s true and it’s awesome!

Kevin V. 
It was hard for me to believe my eyes at first when I noticed my thing getting bigger and bigger! However, it all was real – I gained about 1.5 inch during the last 8 months and it’s driving my girlfriend crazy! Thanks, guys!

Ashton A. 
So the key to maximum effect is persistence, right? 😉 I’ve been wearing MAXTENDER for about 4 hours every day and it did work out for me! My penis has grown up to be a nice massive 7-incher and my girl loves it!

Andrew S. 
Yeah, sure, girls still say I’m cute and everything – but the thing they seem to love for real is my brand-new 7-incher! Well, whatever – I don’t mind it at all! 🙂


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