Important Announcement Due to lack of funds, we are not accepting any new proposals for an unknown period. Thank you for your understanding.


Although 1179 projects from 107 countries was a surprisingly pleasant turn out, we need more time for the evaluation of such an amount of projects.

We are well aware that applicants have been waiting impatiently to hear from us if their project is shortlisted.

We were originally planning to make the shortlist announcement on Dec 1st, but due to the large amount of submissions we postponed this announcement by 2-4 weeks.

Applicants will receive email notifications once the results are in. The announcements will also be made on this website as well as the social media.

We are very sorry about the inconvenience this delay may have caused.

Quotes, Facts, and Testimonials

Isn't that great that so many people are thinking about actively bringing peace into 107 countries! My only hope is that it would truly be project for changing people's minds and lives towards bringing peace into our daily circumstances whether it is family, friends, colleagues, towns, countries, world...

Angela Starovoytova