Important Announcement Due to lack of funds, we are not accepting any new proposals for an unknown period. Thank you for your understanding.


The evaluation results from Peace Projects' Evaluation Board are in and the shortlist of the top rated 50 projects is ready.

We were originally planning to make the shortlist announcement on Dec 1st, but due to the large amount of submissions we postponed this announcement by a month.

All applicants will receive email notifications at the email addresses they used during their applications whether their proposals are shortlisted or not.

We sincerely thank to all applicants for letting us have such a first year. Please remember that you can submit your proposals in the next application window again.

Proposers of the shortlisted applications will have time until the end of this month (Jan '14) to submit their full proposals. Guidelines for this submission will be sent with the congratulation emails.

You can access to the PDF version of the shortlist here. Please note that the order is by Submission ID which is related to the submission time.


Quotes, Facts, and Testimonials

Between 1945 and 2000, there were over 300 international conflicts and more than 3,750 cases of mediation.