Phallosan Forte Customer Feedback

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Phallosan Customer Feedback

This is a great product and would probably be even better used with another penis extender. It works pretty well on its own but i can see how it could work better. If you are buying one product on its own this is very discreet and easy to wear but after using this i half wish i had the money for another extender, maybe the X4 which is cheap enough that i can afford it next month. I give this 90 form 100.

Mark from Walsall

For people saying you need to use this alongside another penis extender i have to say you’re wrong. I have used this on it’s own for 3 months now and gained well over an inch, closer to 1.25. I have used this when i have time and overnight which i think is what has helped so much. Perhaps with another extender i may have gained a bit more but i’m in no rush. If it takes me another 6 months to get as big as i want then thats what it takes. I give this 97 from 100 because it works well on its own and maybe even better with another.

Dean from Magor

I got this as a standalone penis extender though most on here say it works best with another proper extender. I just don’t have the time through the day so needed something i could wear overnight and this luckily is comfortable enough to wear all through the night without waking you. I do half an hour of penis exercises before bed, put this on and wake up in the morning to take it off. So far gains have been good, about 3/4 of an inch in just over a month and even though that is slower than some others on here i know i will be able to wear this for months without times being a problem. Easily worth the money so 98 from 100 for me.

Dave from Newcastle