X4 Labs Feedback

On here you will find X4 Labs customer feedback for what is in our opinion one of the best penis extenders on the market today.  Please check the other penis extender feedback pages to find out what customers of those think before deciding which to buy.

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X4 Labs cutomer feedback

I have had this for 3 months now and gained more than i thought i ever would. At 1.5 inches i’m only half inch below what they said i would gain in 6 months and at this rate i will have gained a total of 3 inches in that time. Since i started at 6 inches being 7.5 inches now is amazing and the difference is very easy to see. If i get to 9 inches i can see the mrs kicking me out lol. I cant see anything being better than this but just in case i gave this 99 from 100.

Jason from Oxford

I bought this because i had a penis that was just over 5 inches, barely just over. After nearly 4 months i am now a little over 7 inches and the girth has increased too. I never measured that before though because i was mainly interested in length. My wife is happy as i am but i would like to get to 8 inches so i will use it for a little longer. I had planned on 6 months anyway. The X4 is brilliant for people that want a bigger penis so i gave it 97.

Billy from Hampshire

I’ve said all along that once they make a penis extender that can be worn overnight they will sell like hot cakes and these can be worn overnight. I’ve done penis enlargement for about 4 years on and off, usually off because i didn’t have the time but the X4 Labs has helped me to stick to it for 3 months now.

I have gained in the past, maybe an inch or so then given up and lost a bit but with this it is so easy, comfortable and non time consuming. I wear this every night now with a break on Saturdays where i’ve usually had a drink. The gains are amazing and i know i can keep this going. 100 from 100, excellent product at an excellent price.

Ellis from London