X4 Labs review 2019

Hi, my name is John and welcome to my website blog. I’m writing this blog to record my penis enlargement journey using an X4 labs penis extender.

I’m a member of several penis enlargement forums, I want to show the guys on there my progress and show them that a penis extender really does work if you put the time and effort in.

How it began

For years I was unhappy with the size of my penis, when I was in the locker rooms in school I always used to hide away and get dressed as quick as I could. Whenever I slept with a girl for the first time I would dim down the lights and slide into bed. I wanted a bigger penis that I could be proud to show off and one that would satisfy any girl I met.

About a year ago I started reading into penis enlargement online. I tried doing the exercises and even bought some herbal pills but they made no difference at all, they just made me more frustrated.

Penis extenders

Then I heard about these penis enlargement devices called penis extenders. You attach it to your penis for a couple of hours a day and over time it slowly stretches it and forces it to grow.

Above is a picture of my X4 Labs penis extender. They have loads of different packages and options to choose from. I went for the deluxe edition because it was the most I could afford at the time.

Hi, heres a pic of the full contents included with the x4 labs extender deluxe package. I’ve numbered them so its easier to understand

X4 Labs
1. Main x4 labs extender unit including hybrid support piece
2. 2 Foam comfort pads
3. 2 Silicone tubes
4. 2 Comfort pads for silicone tubing
5. 2 comfort straps
6. Sets of ½, 1, 2 and 3 inch extension bars
7. ‘Mini’ support piece
8. Instruction CD
9. Money off gift cards for x4 labs

I also got free shipping and theres a full 6 month satisfaction guarantee.

This is the deluxe package I bought for $295. For the amount of stuff you get, its great value and everything I need to start enlarging my penis.

Pics of how use and wear the x4 labs penis extender

wearingunderHere are a couple of pics of me wearing my x4 labs penis extender. It can be a bit tricky to get on at first but you soon get the hang of it. All you do is put the x4 labs extender together, put a foam comfort pad around your penis and then slip the x4 labs extender on, pull the comfort strap down tight and adjust the tension bars until you feel a stretch.

The second picture is of me wearing the x4 labs extender underneath my pants. You can wear the extender under some baggy sweat pants and sit in front of the TV or computer without anyone noticing. Most people watch the TV or go on the computer for a few hours every night so its a perfect time to wear it. I try to wear it for at least 2 hours a night.